How do you follow the phenomenal success of the Tiffany Key Collection? With locks as pendants. Padlocks naturally proved to be a classic, vintage inspiration. I stylized them with rivets and plaque to allow not only variation in material but also in metallic tone. I made pendants crown chains of different lengths while doubling their function as clasps. The result made the Tiffany Lock an instant success as an individual design — and a companion piece — to the now quintessential Tiffany key.


For Tiffany's 175th anniversary, I created this one-of-a-kind necklace, The Tiffany Bow. Wrapped by a delicate ribbon of studded diamonds then tied with a bow, it opens to a 175 carats of morganite. I conceived the idea at first from a typical gift box. Then it became something more. This necklace makes the person wearing it become the gift. My challenge was working with the sheer weight of the stone. Because of the size and significance, I purposely chose not to design an ornate, estate piece. What makes my Tiffany Bow aesthetically one-of-a-kind is that it throws a visual curveball. Contrasting 175 carats of beautifully cut gem to an dynamic, aery, and delicate bow was my solution to updating a classic motif. The necklace was selected to be photographed for the special ad campaign and an accompanying catalogue. It is also featured on the promotional film, "Dream Maker".