Yunjo Lee

Creative Director & Designer

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 Yunjo is a jewelry designer known for her refined design sensibility and strong conceptualizing skill. She has been designing for the world-renown brands including Michael Kors, Tiffany & Co, Paloma Picasso and Frank Gehry. Over her extensive experience working directly with top designers in person, she has established a reputation for being a designer for the designer, understanding the vision and direction of the brand and develops the iconic designs that generates millions of dollars in revenue.

With the background in Fine Art, Yunjo has become notorious for her visual storytelling and ability to transform an idea into a great looking product. She uses her wide array of resources from contemporary art, architecture, fashion and technology to create compelling inspirations and designs that evoke emotional connection.

Being a strong believer in innovation, she brings a unique point of view to projects and takes fresh approaches to both traditional fine jewelry and trendy fashion jewelry and achieves high quality design that ultimately takes the brand to the next level.

Most recently, she worked as a creative director for Michael Kors Jewelry and launched Fall and Holiday 2015 Collection. As a consummate problem solver, she led teams through multiple projects ranging from seasonal collection, Fashion Runway jewelry and Wearable technology.